bat surveys yorkshire

pipistrelle bat in the handThe ecologists at Oatlands Ecology are licensed and very experienced bat surveyors.
We can:
• Determine at an early stage whether a development has the potential to impact bats
• Carry out Bat Roost Potential surveys
• Carry out presence / absence bat surveys
• Prepare Method Statements to prevent impacts to bats
• Successfully apply for EPS Mitigation Licences
• Design and execute mitigation to offset impacts to bats

The UK has 18 species of bats, all of which are small, insectivorous and nocturnal.  Although some are very rare with specific habitat needs, many will readily roost in trees, bridges and a wide variety of buildings in both rural and urban locations. They have a dynamic life cycle, changing roosts throughout the year to hibernate, mate and raise young.

All species of British bats are European Protected Species and both they and their roosts are fully protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 and it is an offence to kill, injure or disturb any bat or damage a roost without the relevant EPS Mitigation Licence.

Seven species are listed as a Species of Principal Importance under Section 41 of the NERC Act 2006 and are a UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species. Local planning authorities therefore have a legal duty to consider impacts to all species of bat as a result of any development prior to granting planning permission.

See our Survey Calendar for optimal survey and mitigation times